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Singlebag, The Best Ecommerce Platform for Best Results

Singlebag is made for every business. Be it Cafes, Electronics, Flowers, Fast food, Furniture, Books, Singlebag offers you the best tools to build an online store through which your products will reach a diverse set of customers.
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What do we offer?

Start an online business

Build your online store in a few easy steps.

Become a wholesaler

Become a wholesaler and connect with multiple store owners and businesses.

Become a reseller

Become a reseller and earn money like a full fledged entrepreneur.

Earn a recurring revenue

Partner with Singlebag and help other businesses create their ecommerce stores and earn a commission.

Share your knowledge

Educate others and get educated, join our Community Forum and network with online store owners from any part of the world.

Create an online store with no coding knowledge

Ecommerce stores are now the powerhouse of building engaging business.

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Online Store for Every Business

Sell anything and everything online by building an online store. The best deal is that you could sell everywhere, all around the globe. With a myriad of options for your storefront designs and abundant options for extensions, start your ecommerce store in a few simple steps and start selling with Singlebag.

Grow Your Online Business

Get your online store discovered by your customers through Social media platforms, SEO tools, marketing tools. Singlebag has built-in marketing tools that help you manage marketing your online business using the best methods. These tools assist you in analyzing digital marketing campaigns and guides you with staying updated with marketing strategies.

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Make Money While Managing with Ease

Monitor the performance of your store from a centralized dashboard. Get Constant updates and reliable 24/7 support service. Protect yourself and your visitors with a free SSL certificate and dedicated IP. Making money with an online store is just a few clicks away.

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From startups to established brands, you'll be in a good company.
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Rajesh Kumar

Store owner
Having an online store in Singlebag eCommerce platform is the easiest way to increase sales and retain customers. Think about the best online business to start and join Singlebag because online selling has never been more convenient.


Store owner
We use Singlebag to build ecommerce websites mainly for its impactful site explorers. Our business has immensely improved by using the link targets. We use it for getting a quick analysis of our site and for utilizing our store’s extensive index when we want to dive deep. Build an effective ecommerce website to expand your business.
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Store owner
Singlebag platform is super easy to use and helps us step into the world of ebusiness market. It's the best ecommerce site we’ve ever used.

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