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What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping solves the pain points of entrepreneurs by allowing them to sell products without managing inventory, shipping, or warehousing. This makes it easier to start an online business with minimal investment and risk. It also allows entrepreneurs to focus on customer service and marketing instead of logistical tasks.

How does dropshipping work?

Step 1: Register as a reseller with Singlebag
Step 2: Find products you want to sell
Step 3: Create an online store to display the products
Step 4: A customer orders a product from your online store
Step 5: The supplier will be automatically notified about the order placed
Step 6: The supplier delivers the order directly to the customer
Step 7: Your margin amount will be sent to your bank account
Find products to sell

Start with the lowest capital. Find thousands of fast shipping suppliers with just a few clicks. Add products to your store and start selling. Singlebag suppliers offer the best-selling and verified products to sell online.

The key benefits of Dropshipping with Singlebag

Singlebag provides the best Dropshipping platform that helps you to start an online business without the hassle of handling shipping logistics and inventory.

Register | Curate | Customize | Sell

Sign Up as a reseller. Search the best products for dropshipping and import their product information into your admin panel. Customize the products to best fit the style of your online store and publish the products. With full inventory control, sell products and market your merchandise at full retail prices.

Add a large variety of Products to your online store without any risk

Singlebag has the largest catalog of high-quality products from verified Suppliers. Suppliers of various industries integrate with us and offer the best options of all. For a high-margin profit-driving potential, Singlebag has it all.

Set pricing standards to increase margin

Set your own price for the products you find to sell. The cost you define gets automatically updated without it impacting the original cost. There are no additional costs for order fulfillment.

Manage your online store and Inventory with the best functionality and complete control

With dropshipping, resellers get paid for a product after it’s sold, which allows online business owners to not worry about featuring an unlimited assortment of products without the constraints and upfront costs of stocking products. As trends change, you can easily add new products without hassle.

Enjoy the benefits of becoming a Singlebag Reseller

Easy to start and Flexible management

Get started and manage your dropshipping business now from anywhere and at any time.

Less Capital and Investment cost

You just have to create an online store with singlebag and display the supplier’s products to do your online business.

No stock and inventory

You don’t have to produce products to sell online or worry about warehousing.

Less Effort and Time-saving

Singlebag reseller module is fully automated saving your time and energy

Faster and easy expansion

Sell all kinds of products from singlebag and attract more sales.


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