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Largest B2B platform for wholesale suppliers, and manufactures

Free Onboarding for all suppliers

Singlebag for Suppliers

  • Singlebag provides the best and free platform for suppliers to sell their products online to millions of people.
  • We are a legit ecommerce platform for the online B2B market.
  • As a Supplier of Singlebag, you can multiply your profits from 1X to 10X by selling your product to global customers.

Expand your distribution Channel

Grow your business by expanding the distribution channel through the thousands of our trusted resellers. Become a Singlebag supplier and get all your products sold with the massive sales team, the resellers.

No onboarding cost

Register as a supplier with no onboarding cost and list your products for free, in which multiple resellers will sell your products on your behalf. So, you can reduce your marketing and selling costs and invest more in manufacturing.

Simplified and comprehensive dashboard

We also provide a simplified and comprehensive dashboard that helps you to enhance your business performance. Offering you a profitable and productive platform, Singlebag charges only a 5% commission for each sale.

Register as a Supplier for free in Singlebag by providing some basic details about your business.

Become a Supplier in 3 simple steps


Register as a Supplier for free in Singlebag by providing some basic details about your business.

Add Products

List your products and allow the resellers to sell on your behalf.


Get paid from Singlebag for your generated sales

Enjoy the benefits of being a Singlebag supplier

Becoming a supplier with Singlebag is the best decision you could ever make

  • With Singlebag you can kickstart your business with zero investment, we provide our suppliers the best opportunity to earn large buyers for their products.
  • Your free listing in relevant categories on the Singlebag platform allows you to attract buyers interested in your product.
  • Suppliers can get access to our vibrant resellers, who market and generate direct sales to a wide range of potential consumers and thereby ensuring increased brand visibility and credibility for your brand.
“More the Resellers, More the sales"