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June 23, 2022 2023-01-11 12:24
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Singlebag strives to empower millions of entrepreneurs worldwide to shine and succeed.

One-stop, one solution, one e-commerce platform to start, run, and grow your online business.

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Our Story

"By protecting others, you save yourself”

Every business idea starts with a problem. Ours was this: A few years back a friend of ours tried to start an ecommerce store online but couldn’t because of the high prices and an impending requirement of knowledge of coding and other technical aspects. We created a solution for this problem faced by millions of our friends, an alternative, a simple yet powerful eCommerce platform that is affordable, accessible, and achievable—so we created Singlebag. Today, any eCommerce business can use Singlebag and make a difference. You too can.


Ecommerce for Everyone.

To create an ecommerce ecosystem that embodies ease with excellence and enables everyone to start an online business to achieve their business dreams and sail through the seas of success.

Singlebag About
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Why Choose Singlebag

Singlebag is a space that not only lets you build an ecommerce store using powerful tools but has an array of interesting and exciting features that helps you launch yourself as a productive entrepreneur.

Singlebag makes your online business run effectively and conveniently by offering user-friendly apps, built-in SSL, secured payment gateways, and free business tools. With Singlebag, you can have your own brand identity with a custom domain, themes, and customizations.

We empower budding entrepreneurs by providing free certified ecommerce professional courses and also offering a community forum to connect with experts, entrepreneurs, and business professionals in which business enthusiasts can gain knowledge and clarify queries.

What Makes Us Unique

We complete the supply chain in the retail industry by providing a platform for suppliers and resellers who aim to satisfy the ultimate consumers.

Singlebag is beyond creating an online store. We offer a partnership program where our partners help people who struggle to start and run an online business by building an online store for them and earn a 25% commission for doing so.

Singlebag About
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